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What are the rejected dangerous goods?

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 Any article that causes great danger to the safety of persons and property in the course of air transportation is defined as dangerous goods.

Types of dangerous goods:

Dangerous goods are classified into 9 categories according to their risk level:

Category 1: explosive dangerous goods such as ammunition and fireworks

Category 2: gas/gas, e.g. oxygen, ammonia

Category 3: flammable liquids, such as gasoline, paint/paint

Category 4: flammable solids: matches, lighters

Category 5: oxidants, organic peroxides

Category 6: toxic dangerous goods, infectious substances, e.g. insecticides, biological specimens

Category 7: radioactive dangerous goods such as uranium

Category 8: corrosive dangerous goods, e.g. acid, alkali

Category 9: others, such as dry ice, batteries, magnets, etc

Rejection of parcel:

The operator has the right to refuse shipment in the following circumstances: by judging that the parcel is considered dangerous, it may pose a threat to personal/property safety; Causing pollution or damage to other goods or equipment; The carriage of the goods is not economically or operationally feasible; The packing is unqualified.