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What are the common restrictions?

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Dangerous goods: guns, ammunition, weapons, drugs, inflammable and explosive goods (lighter, gasoline, candle, gas tank)

Contraband: paste powder liquid chemical products, such as printing books, pornographic materials, religious supplies, plants and animals, animal products and souvenirs, ivory, shark's fin, animal remains, or not for human consumption of animal by-products and derivatives, human remains or ashes, metal bar (and any other precious metals), cash (the existing legal tender), inlaid diamonds, precious stones, illegal narcotics items such as aviation contraband goods

: imitation brand and infringement has been in the customs for the record of the brand (LV, COACH, MK, GUCCI, ADIDAS, PRADA, Rolex (Rolex), UGG, HERMES, Chanel, Dior, Armani (Armani), New Balance, Jordan (Jordan), etc.), the bluetooth logo, Microsoft logo

Others: food, e-cigarettes, minerals,

Antidumping; Medical, optical disk, U disk, drum unit, ink cartridge, color printing/seal, wood products, compressors, air conditioning, refrigerator), knife (excluding packaging qualified kitchen utensils and appliances), walking, balanced car, pump and sights.