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The state council decided to set up a new batch of comprehensive test areas for cross-border e-commerce

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Comprehensive experimental zone of newly established the third batch of cross-border electricity for a long time, the news of a few days before the state council on forwarding to the ministry of commerce and other departments on expanding import to promote foreign trade balance development advice notice just mentioned, "speed up the replication to promote cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental zone mature experience, expanding the scope of the pilot". Today's meeting of the state council decided to set up a new batch of comprehensive test areas for cross-border e-commerce in 22 cities.




     In March 2015 and January 2016, the state council approved the establishment of 13 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zones (hereinafter referred to as comprehensive test zones) in hangzhou and tianjin in two batches. According to the central committee of the state council decision deployment, for more than two years, in various departments and local joint efforts of the 13 heddle area construction achieved positive results, preliminary that suit the development of cross-border electricity traders set up a policy system, to explore a batch of can copy, can promote the experience of practice, strong support the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and innovation and development.

     On September 20, 2017 at the 187th executive meeting of the state council decided that the cross-border electrical business online and offline comprehensive services industry park "two platform and information sharing, financial services, intelligent supervision and services such as logistics, risk prevention and control system of" six "mature practice facing the whole country such as replication.

     The 22 cities selected include good basic conditions and great potential for development. Good industry base, has a mature electric business atmosphere, radiating and driving obvious area, has certain conditions of international logistics, foreign trade development, urban development and cross-border electricity subjective initiative is strong, both distribution balance.

      Basic covers the second batch of 13 pilot cities, the most developed cities in China, the economic base, international logistics, electrical business atmosphere, the urban population in the region has advantages, the overall distribution of the pearl river delta (guangzhou, shenzhen), the Yangtze river delta, Shanghai, hangzhou ningbo suzhou), middle (zhengzhou, hefei) north (chengdu, chongqing), west (tianjin, dalian, Qingdao).

       And a third group of mainly to tilt in the Midwest and northeast, in Beijing, Hohhot, shenyang, changchun, Harbin, nanjing, nanchang, wuhan, changsha, haikou, nanning, guiyang, kunming, xi 'an, lanzhou, xiamen, tangshan, wuxi, weihai, zhuhai, dongguan, yiwu 22 cities such as new cross-border comprehensive experimental area.

 The main content of cross-border comprehensive experiment is "six systems and two platforms"

       "Six systems and two platforms" is the basic framework of cross-border e-commerce development. The six systems include information sharing, financial services, intelligent logistics, e-commerce integrity, statistical monitoring and risk prevention and control systems, and provide management and services covering all processes and subjects of cross-border e-commerce. The two platforms include online comprehensive service platform and offline industrial park platform, providing software and hardware conditions for comprehensive test area construction. Practice has proved that the "six systems and two platforms" have effectively integrated the government and the market, departments and local, online and offline, aroused the enthusiasm of all participants, and created the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem.

     I. main contents of the "six systems

      The information sharing system will enable enterprises, service institutions, regulators and other information interconnection and communication, and solve the problem that enterprises cannot realize information sharing of all departments through a single declaration

      Financial service system, on the premise of risk control, business sustainable, encourage financial institutions and non-bank payment institutions in accordance with the law of compliance with Internet technology as a real trade background of cross-border electronic business trade to provide online payment and settlement, online microfinance, online insurance and other one-stop financial services, solve the problem of the micro, small and medium enterprises financing difficulties.

     Intelligent logistics system, the use of cloud computing, Internet of things, such as big data technology and existing logistics public information platform, building intelligent information system of logistics, warehousing network system and operation system, etc., realize the logistics operation each link to the measurable and controllable and can be found on solve the cross-border business logistics cost is high, the problem of low efficiency

    Electrical business credit system, the establishment of cross-border electricity record database and evaluation, the good faith integrity regulation, negative list system, record and accumulate cross-border electricity enterprises, and other integrated services platform for enterprise, logistics enterprise basic data, implement of electricity information sharing, orderly public "" classification regulation, department, solve the cross-border electricity commodity counterfeit and businessman honesty problems.

     Statistical monitoring system, the establishment of cross-border e-commerce large data centers and cross-border e-commerce statistical monitoring system, perfect the cross-border e-commerce statistical methods, for the supervision of the government and the enterprise management to provide decision-making consultation service, solves the cross-border electricity cannot obtain accurate statistical data.

     Risk prevention and control system, the establishment of information collection, risk assessment analysis, early warning and disposal mechanism, effective prevention and control of test area are not real trade economic risk of money laundering, data storage, payment transaction, network security technology risk, as well as product safety, trade friction, the main body of credit risk, to ensure that the national security, network security, transaction safety and the quality of security.

Ii. Main content of "two platforms

     Online integrated service platform, adhere to the principle of "access", and commerce, customs, taxation, industry and commerce, inspection and quarantine, postal service, foreign exchange and other government departments for data exchange and connectivity, in between government administration department "information exchange, mutual recognition and enforcement of mutual supervision" at the same time, provide cross-border e-commerce enterprise logistics, express, financial and other supply chain services.

    The offline industrial park platform adopts the layout of "one zone, multiple parks" to effectively undertake the functions of online comprehensive information service platform, optimize supporting services, and create a complete industrial chain and ecological circle.