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Shopee southeast Asia site data analysis

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According to the latest financial results from the Sea Group, Shopee's parent company, Shopee App has been downloaded 115 million times and has 8 million followers on social media.

Nearly 60 percent of southeast Asia's population is online by 2018

According to data from We Are Social, by January 2018, the total population of southeast Asia was 655 million, and the Internet penetration rate was 58%, which was at a high level worldwide. The rapid development of Internet in southeast Asia has laid a foundation for the vigorous development of e-commerce industry.Shopee大卖都在用的店铺运营秘籍,了解一下!

Southeast Asia's mobile Internet time world champion

The number of Internet users in southeast Asia is not only large, but also deep. Internet users at Shopee's six largest cross-border sites spend more than three hours a day using the mobile Internet. Internet users in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines are among the world's Top five users of the mobile Internet, with Thai Internet users spending a third of their waking hours on their mobile phones every day.


Southeast Asian Internet users continue to favor social media

Southeast Asian Internet users spend so much time online because they can't stop using social media! Ninety-five percent of southeast Asian Internet users use social media, with 360 million users, up about 18 percent from last year.

Users of Shopee's six largest cross-border sites spend two to three hours a day using social media. Shopee has invested a lot of resources to operate social media, accumulated huge fan assets, and easily led the flow of the platform.


Let's take a look at the essence of Shopee store operation


Taiwan, China

· distributed cross-border stores with high order quantity at most

· Shopee is far ahead of other e-commerce platforms


· local products are scarce, competition is small, and cross-border products have the most exposure opportunities

· selection of traditional cross-border sellers' first station


· nearly 300 million people, with the largest flow and great potential

· to become a competitive place in the e-commerce market of southeast Asia

The Philippines

· cross-border rookie, sellers have first-mover advantage

· at this stage, it is the easiest to list, and the momentum is very strong


· Shopee, a big social media company, is the traffic leader

· cross-border teams provide the most considerate service


· high consumption capacity of the population

· location of Shopee headquarters


The masters are working hard on powder and thumb up

According to secret records, the number of store fans & thumb up is highly correlated with the number of store visitors. According to Shopee's insightful experiment, thumb up, a large shop with a large number of fans, can increase the number of page views by 60%.

Turn every buyer into a fan

The top sellers of Shopee platform all attach great importance to the operation of fans, and good sellers must turn every buyer into fans by heart. It can be seen from the following table that the daily orders of its stores and new fans are in line with the changing trend.


At least how many fans?

If you can accumulate fans with your heart and make the store a "big" shop with more fans, the money will soon be rolling in. So the question is, how many fans are there? Below is a copy of Shopee 6-9 months 'new store data. You can set a small goal: reach the median and then move 25 percent forward.


(new store data in Shopee for 6-9 months)

How much thumb up is enough?

Below is a list of the top 25 percent of store data (six to nine months in Shopee) for the effort.


(new store data in Shopee for 6-9 months)

Thumb up is also highly correlated with store views. Shopee store thumb up products will appear in the information flow of fans, just like weibo! For sellers with more stores, thumb up is a good way to grow if the product target population is the same. For sellers running a single store, buyers can be encouraged to appreciate the store's goods more, such as setting "thumb up 10 items to small coupons".