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Can amazon's transparency initiative really drive away and sell?

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To sell is unique to the amazon platform features, do believe that most of the amazon sellers have had been to sell experience, even some very bad to sell behavior, can let a person hate her teeth, forcing it to pieces, mutilatio ten thousand segments. Although brand registration successful can be complained directly to sell, but this method is becoming more and more cumbersome, recent complaints from some sellers to sell, amazon also had his own rights shall be remove, absolutely crazy!

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So amazon has officially launched a new program, the Trensparency program, which aims to fight counterfeiting and protect brands and buyers. In fact, it's not new. The project released a test version in March last year, and the response was good. One of the things that many sellers are happy with is that the plan essentially eliminates malice and selling.

1.What is the transparency plan?

The transparency project product will be labeled with a "transparency label" (a blue T), which is a unique code, similar to the UPC or EAN digital code.

When the transparency plan begins, customers can see on amazon's page whether the product is fake. If they download amazon's new Transparency app and scan the bar codes on the product's packaging, they will soon know the authenticity of the product and the entire process from production to sales.

How much information a buyer can see depends on what the manufacturer has uploaded to a transparent database, so it varies from product to product. The information includes the date, place, expiration date, raw materials and more.

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2. Participation qualification of the transparency plan

It has to be the Brand owner.

Successful brand filing 2.0 means that the trademark requirement for successful brand filing on amazon is R mark.

Currently only available in the United States.

3. Operation method of transparent plan

Attended the transparency of the Amazon, the brand can buy a certain number of traceability identification from from Amazon, each identifier will generate a unique qr code, the qr code corresponding to your sku, participating in the Amazon transparent plan when you send FBA to Amazon warehouse, Amazon will to scan the qr code, only with the qr code and verification is the premise of quality goods, to make you a levite; If found to be counterfeit, amazon will destroy and remove your shopping cart.

When other seller FBA sells you, he must get your traceability logo and affix the anti-counterfeiting qr code on the product packaging, otherwise he cannot enter the warehouse.

If it is spontaneous delivery and sale, when he creates a Listing, amazon will ask the seller to provide the correct qr code for verification, otherwise it cannot create the Listing.

When the buyer finds the transparent label "blue T mark" on the product after receiving the goods, he opens the camera on Amazon APP. By scanning the "transparent label", he can get more information about the origin, authenticity and other information of the product

4、Cost of transparent plan

The cost of participating in the transparency program mainly comes from the purchase of qr codes. The following is the official quotation:

The one-time purchase quantity is less than 1 million, then 0.05 usd/piece;

1 million < one-time purchase quantity <10 million, then 0.03 usd/piece;

The number of one-time purchases is > million, or $0.01 per unit.

5.The advantages of transparency programs

1. Improve product information transparency and customer purchasing experience: this is the original intention and fundamental goal of amazon to implement this plan. We all know that amazon always take the customer as the center, amazon transparent plan to purchase products, hope that customers no matter through what channels can sweep through code to identify the authenticity of a product and product information, so that customers can rest assured purchase.

2. Preventing fake products: this is a function that the brand side pays more attention to, and it is also the key to prevent and sell fake products. The brand can choose to print the qr code on the product packaging or by pasting labels. The latter is currently recommended because it is easy to operate and is not easy to make mistakes. In general, the purpose of anti-counterfeiting is to paste a unique qr code on each product.

3. Improve the brand image: participation in the transparency plan can quickly help build a good brand image.

4. Product tracking function: scan the qr code on the product to obtain the product traceability identification, and then check which platform the buyer purchased the product from.