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Wish refund reasons and treatment, please collect!

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I believe that those who do cross-border e-commerce will face various refund problems from customers! And each big traffic users competitive platform, amazon, speed sell tong, ebay, Wish, in almost all the platform dispute tend to protect buyers, anyway, return it, you have to face it. Now it's the buyer's market, and every platform (especially Wish) wants to please buyers in order to attract more customers. No matter what happens, said Wish platform refund back to back, didn't say can communicate to sellers and buyers to solve this matter, under normal circumstances, the buyer a refund reason, and upload pictures, Wish will give a refund, basically, on notice to buyer Wish platform in a refund on the one hand, the seller is not dominant. Today I start with the seller to talk about the main refund reasons and treatment of wish customers

 The reasons for the customer's refund are as follows:

1. Product reasons

Products do not tally with the description, in this case, the buyer will be an issue as before to the platform, the Wish will also give you a chance to negotiate, in order to avoid the goods here three empty, must grasp the opportunity to communicate with customers do not refund, you would like to deliver to... All in all, it's about improving the customer experience and agreeing not to refund.

First of all, there will be this problem. You should consider whether your picture description is wrong or the product does not correspond to the picture. Instead of waiting until the product is out of order, you notice these mistakes (and, of course, you try to get rid of knock-offs or knock-offs). In addition, the products may also be damaged during the transit, customer service is the damaged products, this time will consider product packaging problem, delicate with bubble paper to protect the goods, or use a bit thick box, pay some freight, also is better than be a refund.

Finally, product development to avoid electric product development/liquid/paste body with magnetic products (this three products logistics are difficult to walk, suggest to choose a more reliable logistics or reduce the development of this type of product).

 2. Logistics reasons

1) order processing time and delivery time, order is best on the day of the order processing in the day, even if there is no inventory order should also be submitted the same tracking number on the platform, Wish the policy of strict with all orders must be shipped in 5 days, and 5 days not delivery order must be returned to the customer.

2) the logistics delivery time is too long, and the seller's products do not have quality, packaging and other problems, but they are refunded due to the long delivery time and the damaged products. If you find that there are many such problems in recent orders, you should consider changing the logistics channel, or analyze which country or region has more such problems and block it.

You can go to Wish certified logistics carriers and choose reliable ones:

Distribution performance of different logistics carriers:

 3. Reasons for buyers

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Screenshots on is this a few days on the BBS wish sellers all sorts of all sorts of poking fun at buyers of the return of the reason for another customer for a refund of the fraud, etc., like this case the seller friend must go to appeal, the appeal of this type yield is quite high! If you do not go to the platform to complain, this will to some extent contribute to the refund atmosphere of these strange sellers, and increase the damage to wish's shopping ecology! People should not feel that your refund goods are not worth money and do not complain, not to mention the value of the goods, you go to complain more will naturally cause the platform to pay more attention to such refund issues! In this way in the protection of our seller's rights and interests and make a contribution.

Today, one of the cases is that the customer has received the goods and the platform has refunded the orders. At this time, the complaint can be made as follows:

First of all, Wish's complaint is based on compliance. For example, if it is sent to the United States, the money can only be received within 16 days after signing for receipt.

National timetables:

After checking your order information, you confirm that your order was signed within the allowed time, but the platform has refunded it. Then you can complain and get 100% of the money back.

1) find the refund and complaint entry points

Image title

Image title

2) click appeal

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3) check both of them (there is a time cut-off prompt here to judge whether they exceed the standard)

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4) complete the materials according to the requirements (choose your own delivery channel for the logistics channel) 

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5) upload a screenshot of the collection record (if the receipt exceeds the maximum time limit, there will be no return)

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Are presented, such as Wish message, it should be 1 to 2 days can, of course, who all don't want to be a refund, if your product quality is no problem, the appropriate in the product to send a small gift (small card, card what), packaging with a dessert, choose a good logistics company, should be able to get twice the result with half the effort. If there is a problem with the product itself, get off the shelf as soon as possible.