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How should sellers grab the French market?

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In recent years, the French e-commerce industry has developed rapidly. In 2017, the online consumption of French people totaled 81.7 billion euros. That could reach 93 billion euros by 2018.

The French e-commerce market research report also shows that B2C e-commerce transactions in France are growing at a rate of about 14% every year, and it is estimated that the growth rate will reach 14.8% in 2018.


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In addition, the French consumer sellers from non-eu countries the number of online shopping on the rise, up from 15% in 2016 to 17% in 2017, and the data show that most French overseas packages from China (74%), higher than the United States (41%).

Currently, amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in France, while Cdiscount is the largest e-commerce platform in France. Let's take a look at the French e-commerce platform:


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French electric business platform is numerous, but the most popular with French and trust is amazon and Cdiscount, and open to Chinese sellers both platforms, and open degree is high, if the seller friend want to get into the French market, can first the two platforms.

Moreover, the French market has an especially big advantage for Chinese sellers, that is, the French people have a very high enthusiasm for Chinese goods.

According to eBay's 2016 survey data, 4.2 million people buy Chinese goods online in France every year, and more than 80 percent of French consumers say they like Chinese goods.

After learning about the French e-commerce market, let's take a look at the French shopping habit.

It is known that online shopping in France has a strong seasonal trend, usually from November to December during the Christmas period and February before and after valentine's day, e-commerce sales in France will increase significantly.

In France, electronics, fashion, household, gardening and electrical products is more popular, sports and automobile and motorcycle accessories products is more popular, while online toy products has great development potential.

In addition, the French shopping also has a characteristic, that is the logistics demand is higher, particularly sensitive to freight and additional services, if the Chinese sellers want to gain a competitive advantage in this respect, it is best to adopt the way of reduction of freight or additional services as far as possible, this will allow you to get the French.

France's electrical business scale is very large, currently ranked third in Europe, ranked sixth in the world, and will soon be able to break through the scale of billions of euros, market prospect is very big, sellers should friends don't miss!