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Whether you are a big seller or a   small seller of amazon, the FBA is a must. In recent years, the layout of the amazon to FBA is more and more wide, involving the United    States, Canada, Mexico, China,       Japan, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions.More and   more cross-border sellers attach   importance to it.
In addition to saving labor and shipping costs, the selection of FBA   by amazon sellers can also help     improve the Listing rankings of    amazon stores and increase the    possibility of getting the Buy Box,  thus boosting sales. Moreover, the strong logistics system makes       amazon keep improving the         delivery efficiency, so as to            improve the user experience to a   certain extent and increase the     sales volume and service quality  of the store. At the same time, if    there are negative feedbacks         caused by FBA in the transaction,  amazon also will deal with it          accordingly.

So what is the amazon FBA? 

Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by 

Amazom in English) is the first step to deliver goods from amazon's    overseas FBA warehouse.It is         amazon's agent delivery service.   For amazon sellers in China, it is    the first logistics transportation      from China to amazon warehouse.

So how do you solve the logistics problem of FBA? This service is usually provided through a freight forwarder. There are many freight forwarders in the market. How to choose a suitable freight forwarder? JS Express has been focusing on cross-border e-commerce for many years and has accumulated a good reputation in the market, providing you with the following ways of FBA  transportation:

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