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Postal Series

In order to provide better international express service for cross-border e-commerce sellers , JS Express launched EMS、E-mail、E-express、Air parcel and other products and services in cooperation with China post, and improves channels and market competitiveness to facilitate your delivery. We provide you with 24-hour and one-on-one VIP exclusive services, and the service team with rich cross-border trade experiences can solve all your worries!

  • Air registered parcel

    Air registered parcel

    Air registered parcel is a product launched by China post. It weighs less tha...

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  • E delivery

    E delivery

    The international e-express operation mode is similar to that of the internat...

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  • International E-mail

    International E-mail

    International E-mail is delivering service that is convenient、aging stabili...

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  • EMS


    EMS is short for Express Mail Service. It is a kind of express service provid...

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In addition to the above line, also provides sharply South Africa special line, the Japanese special line, such as express delivery services, more content, please contact the rapid international logistics service hotline: 4000353518, service QQ: 4000353518, focused on consulting easily experience the international express delivery service!