Insurance Claims

In order to ensure the safety of your goods, JS Express and large insurance companies as third party provide risk insurance. In case of loss, damage, tax, delay and return of goods, the insurance company will intervene in the settlement of claims, so effectively protect your rights and interests and thoroughly solve all the troubles in the delivery process.

Insurance services


Warm prompt


1. The insurance mainly covers the loss、damage and delay of goods in the process of delivery.

2.During the insured goods are deliveried from the warehouse at the point of origin to the warehouse at the destination specified in the policy. The duties include transit and short-term storage on the way, and transportations supported include air,sea and railage.

3. In the cross-border security, there are three kinds of responsibilities, namely, damage,loss and delay of goods. And only one of them can be claimed by the same parcel.

4. The final compensation shall be based on the actual loss of the parcel and the amount finally approved by the insurance company.Delay claim means calculate the time beyond the platform standard, and subsidize according to the actual delay.Delay subsidies of each order shall not exceed the 20% of the insured amount, and the highest subsidies amount would not exceed 800.

5. The effective time of insurance bases on the payment time of order, and it will take effect at midnight the next day after successful payment.

Purchase and claim settlement

1.How to purchase

The cooperative customer can contact the corresponding sales personnel of our company to purchase insurance, or through marketing QQ 40003533513.

2. Apply for claims settlement

Claims to users 

The user enter the order management operation entrance→Check the insurance policy→Apply for claims

Submit complete materials, the audit will finish with average 2 to 5 working days claims settlement automatically

3. Claims settlement materials

When the insured requests for compensation, he or she should provide the insurer with the following documents and materials:

Invoice/commodity order screenshot/receipt/purchase orders, etc.

②Packing list, weight notes/the clear photo of logistics list (such as surface list pasted at outer box, electronic invoice, bill of lading, etc.).

Goods that are not covered by insurance, if damage, delay or loss, refer to the official compensation standards of JS Express.


1.JS Express  does not assume responsibilities for the loss or damage caused by the scope beyond the control: including but not limited to natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, storms, floods, fog, war, plane crash, embargo and other force majeure; inherent vice or nature of the express(whether JS Express know it or not); riot or civil unrest;strikes;the act or omission of the personnels that are non-employees of JS Express or without contract relations with JS Express , such as the sender, the recipient, customs or other government departments;

2. Delay, damage, loss or missing by the customs due to the improper operation of the express pieces by the customer and the wrong address and invoice data provided by the customer;

3. Damage or deletion of electronic audio and video, pictures, data or recording of large electromagnetic fields;

4. Express express shall not be liable for any damages arising from the loss, damage or delay of the express;

5, any compensation must be rapid Courier within 30 days after the receipt of Courier, submit a written application, rapid by the customer or sharp will no longer take any responsibility, and claims of any lost or damaged, only after the payment fast freight can be dealt with;

6, due to the remote areas, the consignee is not at home, the consignee refused, address errors, customs inspection, so that can't send, or unable to provide customs clearance documents to express the customs can not customs clearance at the destination, such as the sender reclaim, can arrange the product, but customers must pay a fee, if customers don't want to return, do automatic give up treatment, destroyed by the destination country customs, but customer still have to pay the express freight and give up, destruction of operation such as cost, return to rapidly express, such as customer within a month, no further instruction, shall have the right to destroy the express mail, Otherwise, the customer will be charged storage fee.

7. We shall not accept any counterfeit or contraband goods. If the goods are detained by the customs due to such goods, we shall not bear any responsibility and may recover the losses caused to third parties.