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Join In

Join JS Express to make you a better logistics person. Whether you want to start from scratch to enter the express industry, manage excellent express companies in an  orderly way, or are worried about the  logistics operation, JS Express will provide you with professional and efficient services.

Affiliate matters

JS Express--international express expert, focuses on cross-border e-commerce international express service. JS Express keeps exploring the development direction of cross-border express service, determines to provide intelligent and leading international express service for cross-border e-commerce and become a first-class comprehensive international express facilitator. JS Express adheres to the service concept of "Aspire to good, the knowledge on the line", and welcomes you to join us with the greatest sincerity. We look forward to building a prosperous cross-border logistics industry in China with you!

  • Join consulting

    Interested parties can inquire about joining matters by telephone, online message, etc., or directly fill in the following《Intention list for joining》 for appointment.

  • Field trips

    After the submission of the《Intention list for joining》, you can go to Suzhou headquarters for field investigation.

  • Submit an application

    Fill in the 《application form》 according to the standard and formally submit the application if you confirm to join.

  • Approve

    The head office carries out qualification examination to the applicants and confirms the qualification of investors to join.

  • Sign the contract

    The two sides reached cooperation consensus and formally signed the franchise contract.

  • Pay the fee

    Franchisees should pay franchise expenses and other expenses to headquarters according to the type of franchise.

  • To attend training

    Participate in the professional training organized by the headquarters to improve the quality of operation.

  • Announcement of business

    The head office announces the opening of the franchise to all branches、franchisees and all JS Express‘s customers after confirming the franchisee have completed the preparation of opening.

  • Accept tutoring

    Receive regular on-site or online guidance from headquarters to improve service quality.