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JS Express is a red central enterprise with a glorious history. Years of experience and hard work of JS Express accumulate the excellent corporate culture and  unique soul. This is the spiritual wealth of JS Express and the internal power to promote development and growth.

Today, in the face of profound changes in internal and external environment, JS Express actively adapts to the new normal of economy, implements the development philosophy "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" put forward by central, adheres to the important concept "JS Express, secure choice" , takes " inheriting red gene, keeping business duty, highlighting system dignity, adhering to the honesty and trustworthiness" as the guidelines, works closely with the thirteenth Five-Year Plan strategic direction of China Resources (Holdings) Co.,Ltd, has carried on the profound reflection and systematic arrangement, and has formed culture concept system of the new age on the basis of soliciting opinion from managers and staffs.

The new JS Express concept system includes five elements: mission, vision, values, development concept and enterprise spirit. The mission answers the question "why do we exist? The vision answers the question "where are we going? Values answer the question of "what should we do?", which is the core of haste. It is the value standard and basic belief that all haste must embrace and always adhere to. The development philosophy answers the question, "what rules do we follow? Enterprise spirit answer is "we should have what kind of attitude and behavior style" inner problems, is all the people rapidly should have team spirit and temperament, is the rapid extension of values in the ideas and behaviors of the employees.

JS Express cultural concept system diagram


Enterprise vision

Become a global company trusted and loved by the public

During the course of many years of wind and rain, make haste to conform to the trend of The Times and the historical trend, endeavour, positive change, seize the opportunity, continuous transformation, enterprise keep vitality, establish a good reputation and excellent business reputation. In the new historical period, we should keep pace with the trend and keep high ambitions, and take "becoming a global enterprise trusted and loved by the public" as our ideal blueprint.


Public trust and affection:

Fast not only to make the enterprise products and services, the enterprise's performance is loved by customers and shareholders' trust and satisfaction, the enterprise culture to make employees happy and proud, and actively fulfill the social responsibility, social public interest, the recognition and praise, become the object of corporate peers to emulation; Not only to create superior value for shareholders and customers, but also to create satisfactory value for society and environment.


Global enterprises:

JS Express  globalization enterprise as the vision, demands among the international competition of the big stage, distributing resources, develop the market with a global perspective, with mature and confident, in the economic system of free, open to win business success. Its industry to establish industry leading position, has the international level of talent team, management level, operational efficiency, enterprise culture and product brand, set up the international competitiveness and realize the globalization development.

Corporate logo


JS Express contains the "dependent and loved as a global enterprise" good moral, bottom left arc hint at the company's mission to "fast delivery, ease of choice", upper right arc hint at rapid international company development idea ", the service ball ", the two wings echo, carrying the mission development, shows that rapid dares to good, have the courage to fight the active creative thinking, you the most reliable logistics partner. The logo USES orange gradient effect, symbolizing enthusiasm, vitality, adding a sense of The Times, and highlighting the internationalization and specialization of rapid express.

Integration of international express channels, so that you enjoy professional and personalized services.

JS Express - your business wings, your most reliable logistics partners.