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System has been set with the DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, yodel, aramex logistics official docking, direct customer forecast, order automatic processing platform, online order, scan warehousing, packaging, weighing, automatic settlement, the logistics tracking and so on many specialized functions in one, greatly optimize the program code, to ensure the security of the system, stability and expansibility.

1. Connect the system with the third-party platforms, such as store secretary, puyuan, yicang, tongtu, ma bang, hua lei, mango, and e-win.

2. Support multiple platforms; Official API docking, do not worry about account association. Create the order processing process for the cross-border e-commerce company, support to automatically obtain the waybill number, and track the logistics status in real time. Cloud + intelligence, grasp business opportunities anytime and anywhere.

3, independent access speed sell tong, Amazon, eBay, wish and JOOM currently circulating order of cross-border electricity trading platform, can easily access self-built mall proprietary platforms, such as order, the order management lets you more easily.

4. One-stop management says goodbye to the tedious, independent customer orders (customer orders to the end). Shipping order to logistics operation can be directly weighed out of the warehouse scanning.

5. Adopt domestic leading aliyun service, the system stability reaches 99.9%. Strict internal data protection system to ensure customer data privacy is not infringed. 7X18 hours customer service, quick response to customer needs.